In an act of heroic defiance that may or may not have been a total accident, Thornwick and Bob have unleashed a powerful monster into the world! Will it be the cool monster, where you can hang out and be best buds with? Or will it turn out to be totally lame by destroying the world, the protagonists and the plot, in that order? Find out minutes after clicking play!

Well folks, this is it for us. The series finale! WSBA has officially come to an end and is ceasing production in all forms. Thank you all so much for listening to us every week, without you this show wouldn’t have made it past a second season! This won’t be the last of shows produced in Valoria, however, so stay subscribed! I can’t say when, but there will be a trailer for a totally new series uploading sometime in the future! How soon? Well, one can never really know!

Special thanks to our incredible voice talent Rodney Piatt, Jaymes Brown, Robert Vostad, Michael Yackley, and all the dozens of others who have contributed their voices in one way or another across five whole seasons!

Written by Andrew Pourciaux

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