Welcome to the world of Terrible Adventurers, a land where magic and monsters collide, kings rule with authority and wizards do whatever wizards do, probably cast spells.  The Terrible Adventurer is different from the mighty hero, the powerful mage and the cunning adventurer, for the Terrible Adventurer isn’t cut out for the rough and tumble life of the fantasy world. But they persist, making poor decisions and fighting against their instincts, often incurring hilarious results as a process. In this world, you will meet real people in fantastical worlds, struggling to make it in a bizzare universe where the laws of physics are usually supplanted by the Laws of Hijinx.

So who are the Terrible Adventurers? Well, let’s meet them!


A sinister and plotting fellow, Thornwick has spent his life trying to weasel his way into positions of power and authority. Most of the time, he ends up in prison or on the executioner’s block. His latest punishment, conscription to the Royal Army of Valoria, led him to have his first real adventure, where he discovered that there is far more to life than just lying about your heritage to usurp a king. Follow him in We’re So Bad At Adventuring, as he tries to learn what it means to truly find fullfillment in life that goes beyond mere material possesions, while simulatenously trying not to die in all sorts of hilarious and horrible encounteres.


Thornwick’s bestest buddy, Bob was a spearman in the Royal Army until he was thrown into an exciting adventure with Thornwick. Excitable, jolly and utterly disconnected from reality, Bob’s main purpose in life is to have fun, throw rocks at people and set things on fire. That being said, he achieves all of these goals multiple times in We’re So Bad At Adventuring

Lady Almington:

A powerful witch with ancient magics stolen from a spooky death god, Lady Almington lives to be evil. Unfortunately, she’s not very good at the whole vilain thing and spends the majority of her time trying various dastardly deeds, only for them to fail miserably. While she does have a few intersections with Thornwick and Bob, she prefers to live out her own terrible adventures in her book series, Lady Almington’s Obstacles to Evil.


A young man who’s wife was murdered by an unkown assailant, Jerem is a carpenter who seeks vengeance at all costs. He ventures out of his home and seeks the service of a powerful and belligerently drunken wizard, in the hopes that he is able to find his wife’s killer. His short, but eventful adventure occurs in Shriekbeasts Interviewing Shriekbeasts