Thornwick and Bob aren’t the only people in Valoria!

The Terrible Adventurers series is all about people who have no business adventuring trying their hardest to achieve their dreams, only to incur hysterical disaster in the process! Follow the adventures of various characters across Valoria and enjoy them in either book form or in a dramatized audio version! Some stories are stand alone, others are part of a series and while Thornwick and Bob are very busy on their own adventure, they might pop up from time to time in poorly made disguises!

Lady Almington Burns Down an Orphanage ( And adopts 30 children)

Lady Almington Burns Down an Orphanage (And adopts 30 children)

Lady Almington is the most powerful witch in all of the world! She’s got it all: ancient eldritch powers, a drop dead gorgeous outfit, and an evil laugh that fills her foes with dread! But there’s a little problem: she’s terrible at being evil! In her quest to learn what it means to truly become the most feared woman alive, she commits her first real act of villainy: burning down an orphanage and then adopting 30 rambunctious children. Join Lady Almington in this fantasy comedy as she tries to figure out what to do with all of these kids and impress an evil overlord at the same time.

Shriekbeasts Interviewing Shriekbeasts

Do you need more horrible shrieking in your life? Well then friend, you’ve come across the right book! Shriekbeasts Interviewing Shriekbeasts is a tell all about one brave man on a quest to avenge his murdered wife by interviewing a monster that kills with it’s horrible shrieking song! This story’s got everything: comedy, intrigue, action and a wizard who is roguishly handsome/incredibly drunk!