Season Three: The Everlorn Dungeon of Pretty Rough Stuff

Determined to make a name for himself, Thornwick dives headfirst into a deadly, terrifying dungeon full of chaos, nightmares and above all, wacky hijinx! Bob’s also there too.

Thornwick and Bob are back and this time, they’re going to be investigating the Everlorn Dungeon of Pretty Rough Stuff! Join them as they navigate through a deadly, terrifying dungeon armed with only their general incompetence! Special Thanks to our numerous guests: Morgan David from, Curtis Anderson, Tristian Merriman and Edward Rivera.

As Thornwick and Bob continue to navigate the terrible dungeon, they must encounter the deadliest thing of all: gargoyles who sass you. The gargoyles also strangle people too, which is also bad. Special thanks to our guest stars in this episode: Mitch and Ian from the Dungeon Master’s Block ( Nick Choppa and of course, Morgan Jenkins from as Fergus the Wizard.

Thornwick and Bob encounter a monster looking for new employment opportunities, tables that go right for the knees and Scinterax, Wizard of the Highest Caliber in this exciting episode of WSBA! Special thanks to our guest star, Tristin Merriman.

Thornwick and Bob get trapped in an infinite plane of lava, meet a plot hook who insist he’s a person and face off against a deadly, corn obsessed monster! This thrilling episode has it all, violence, corn disguises and lava! Joining us as a special guest star is Matthew Parody of Zeroes Talking Heroes, if you love superhero movies and discussions about them, check them out at

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Thornwick and Bob discover the joys of rock slides, then the joys of digging out of several tons of rocks shortly thereafter. There’s also some stuff about endangering the entire world, but that’s not nearly as interesting as rocks. Joining us for nearly 12 seconds of dialogue is our good buddy DM Mitch from the DM’s Block ( as well as our good pal Edwin Rivera. Thanks to everyone for tuning in weekly to these exciting adventures, there is certainly more to come!

Thornwick and Bob must conquer an unfair puzzle, battle ghosts who steal fingers and party tensions in order to get to the Antechamber of Revitalization! Special thanks to our excellent Fergus, Morgan Jenkins, for starring in our show! You can check out his podcast at Special thanks to Edwin Rivera for his contribute as a totally awesome rock monster!

Thornwick and Bob confront elves, trees and of course, the deadliest of purple bottles!

S3: 8. THe Room of Fnding out Which One of You Has the Guts To Blow This Thing Up For Good

Angry trees, fiendishly powerful monsters and woodland creatures all threaten to derail Thornwick and Bob from their big, exciting adventure! Special thanks to our good buddy, Nick Choppa, for guest starring in today’s episode. The Lady Almington eBook is available on Amazon, check it out at

Thornwick and Bob discover the wonders of falling and spinal injuries!

Thornwick and Bob come up with a clever plan to borrow the MacGuffin for like, a quick ten minutes and things do not go well at all! Tune in as magical duels, lost spellbooks, ancient bundles of vines and marital problems all threaten to derail the grand adventure!

The Box of Secrets is glowing red and going nuts! Tune in as Thornwck, Bob, Meriam, Grax and Adventures Forever Incorporated all face the ultimate challenge of fighting against an evil floating square! Special thanks to Tristin Merriman and Curtis Anderson for guest starring in this episode. 

Season Three draws to a close as Thornwick rushes to confront his greatest foe (who he’s also a huge fan of by the way) while Bob tags along and mocks him relentlessly. Special thanks to our guest stars Nick Choppa and Tristin Merriman for their contribution to the show!