Exclusive Side Adventures await!

Thornwick and Bob’s adventures aren’t just contained in the main seasons! If you can’t get enough of the dynamic duo, then perhaps some side adventures are what you need. Those who support the show on Patreon get access to We’re So Bad At Side Adventuring, full length bonus episodes that are rip roaringly hysterical! Just take a look at some of the episodes available:

Did Someone Say…Death Cults:

Thornwick and Bob end up embroiled in a race to stop the evil cult of Hope and Joy from awakening an ancient evil and probably ending the world!

Two Monsters Past Midnight:

Trapped in the spookiest dimension, Thornwick and Bob go on a quest to find as much free food as possible! There’s also vampires and werewolves.

Dungeon Dangerous:

A bet with Thornwick results in Bob attempting to clear an entire dungeon under half an hour of running time! The stakes have never been lower!

So if you want some of the funniest audio content you’ve ever heard, then click on the link below to become a supporter, not only will you get access to these episodes, but you’ll also be helping WSBA to grow and expand! Now if that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is!