Bonus Side Adventures await!

Thornwick and Bob’s adventures aren’t just contained in the main seasons! If you can’t get enough of the dynamic duo, then perhaps some side adventures are what you need. Thanks to the amazing support of our patrons on Patreon, we were able to sustain the series. Here is the hall of their legacy, the eternal testament to the awesomeness that is people who are willing to support independent artists in their crafts. Enjoy these episodes and thank you all for your wonderful support over the years. 


Thornwick and Bob find themselves squaring off against their most deadly foe yet: pulp inspired titles!

Trapped in the spookiest dimension, Thornwick and Bob go on a quest to find as much free food as possible! There’s also vampires and werewolves.

Bob makes a bet that he can clear a dungeon in less than half an hour of running time! The stakes have never been lower!

Thornwick and Bob discover life is actually pretty hard when you don’t have library card

Fiendish Owls making deals, bowls of soup, complilments; this side adventure has everything, even justification for a semicolon!

In this very special episode, Thornwick and Bob learn the value of giving back to the community.